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The Healing of the flower

Do you remember how you were a child, playing in the snow, drinking endless amounts of milk? You will also remember how you slept on a blanket yet you were fast asleep. These are the signs of things to look forward to, the signs of ease and tranquility. This is what we call Saturday wellness. This manifests when your body and mind are feeling at their best.

It suffices to take time to pamper ourselves. We all deserve to feel the lift of the outdoors on a nice day. Whether it be a day out on the weekend or morning jogging, it is one of the best times of the week. It makes you feel alive, it energizes our mind and energizes our body to be in "weetness". This feeling of wellness will bring us in touch with our inner power, give us the energy and vitality we need to think, work, play and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You may think that this kind of spirituality is too much for the simple busy person and that again is where a spa can help. There are so many ways that the simple pleasures of life can be activated, revitalized and rejuvenated. One can turn his or her every day activities into an occasion to let it fly away. Coming back home, you may find that all of theicitmentshave disappeared, the sense of occasion, and the joy that comes from just being. By bringing your whole self to the spa, you will feel at one with this divine work of art. The belief that there is always time to rest and have a good rest will be lost in the ever clammy pace of 21st century life.

The uninterrupted and never-ending stream of life is aaya.ana. The aaya.ana comes from where "ayana" means "to be present" and "ana" means "one who is freed from the past". Being present, not being encased in the past with its laundry or stain, and being free from worry or fear is what is expressed in the aaya.ana.

Generally people like to believe that only the sick have to follow therapies, but too much thinking can sometimes make them very tired. Like other therapies too much is not always the answer. It is natural to worry or not be at ease or serene. Once rinsed away, the body will be rinsed away with the warm water and followed up by the cooling lotion.

It is said that in the prUNE are grapes, in the lily – hope. So the red wine of lapithondus and reishi mushrooms are the two main elements of a herbal bath. Lavender is also one of the major ingredients of a lotion for aromatherapy. The aromatherapy flowers are used in the massage of the vital organs for better results.

Lavenders are used in the aromatherapy, as it not only has healing properties but it also has the comforting aroma of rose. It can also be used to settle the mind and relieve stress of the body.

The juice of the flower can also be used in the aromatherapy. It is recommended to "finish" the treatment with a glass of juice of the main flower.

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